Smart Ways to Achieve Packing Perfection

Published on January 6, 2019

Rising baggage costs and strict airport security measures are a nightmare, and don’t we know it. When I have to fly now, no way am I taking for granted things like, complimentary beverages and checked luggage. Some airlines in America charge you upwards to $25 to check a bag and some even charge ridiculous amounts for carry-ons that exceed the size of a backpack. It’s crazy! However, there is hope yet. The key to lightening your load is knowing how to efficiently pack your bags – this will not only save you time and money but also the added hassle that comes with airport bag crackdown. Check out these life-saving tips so you can have as much a stress-free vacation as possible.

Plan ahead:

Far too many travelers are guilty of over-packing and just chucking in items without any thought. Which only leaves us with over-weight luggage and we wind up wearing half of what we actually packed. That’s why Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel recommends that you, “Lay out everything that you think you want to pack on your bed and take a good hard look.” I mean, do you really need six different pairs of shoes and that green sweater you bought two years ago but never wore and you swear you’ll wear it on vacation but never do. “It’s only when you lay your entire ensemble in front of you that you see where you’ve made mistakes and can make the appropriate cuts.”

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Sort your clothes and choose wisely:

The author of Smart Packing for Today’s Traveler Susan Foster recommends, “Choosing thin clothing that packs flat over thicker, more bulky items makes a huge difference in how much you can fit in your suitcase.” Opt to pack lighter, thinner clothes like a micro-fleece pullover or lightweight pants. If you need that chunky sweater than it’s best you wear it and not pack it. Bring along wrinkle-resistant fabrics that quickly dry, such as nylon, washable silk, and micro-fibers. Cotton is not recommended as it does the complete opposite of what we just said!

Are You A Fabric Fiend Well You Should Be

Sort your clothes and choose wisely

Take a vacation from your toiletries:

One way to stop over packing is if you leave your lotions and perfumes at home! Instead simply use the soaps and lotions provided by the hotel, it’ll save you some much needed luggage space! “I love to try the new shampoos and conditioners when I travel,” says Kelly Vrtis, a packing expert and travel spokesperson from The Container Store. “My hair enjoys the break from the usual routine.” Christopher Elliott, an ombudsman for National Geographic Traveler, also adds that, “the one thing people tend to forget is that there are stores where you’re going and you can always buy those items once you get there.” Yeah, that does make sense!

Take A Vacation From Your Toiletries

Take A Vacation From Your Toiletries

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