6 Reasons Why Waking Up Early Is Good For You

Published on 09/12/2022

One thing that we often try to do, but which our comfortable bed usually prevents us from doing: get up early! You can read here why you should try it anyway and what options are waiting for you. And let’s be honest: Now is exactly the right time to try something like this.

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6 Reasons Why Waking Up Early Is Good For You

The early bird…

… you know! But before we dive into the topic of getting up early, we should first define what “early” means. Late risers probably see 8 a.m. as “early time”. Real early risers, on the other hand, probably have no problem jumping out of bed at 5 a.m. Well, that’s too early even for us! So it’s best if we agree on the golden mean and set 6:30 a.m. as the day watch.

More Energy

Once you’ve managed to squirm out of bed, you’ve basically already won. Of course, that sounds easier than it is, but you can probably get used to everything..eventually. If you get up earlier and perhaps splash a few drops of cold water on your face, you will definitely start the day with more energy. This may also be due to the fact that the quality of sleep could improve immensely. Because getting up early in the evening is usually so tired that you don’t even think of staying up late, but instead sail calmly into the land of dreams. This then leads to the fact that you are more rested in the morning and more energetic.

You Have More Time For Yourself

A logical conclusion of getting up early? You have a lot more time. How you want to use this is of course up to you. But true to the motto of jungle camp guru Bastian Yotta, a “miracle morning” can improve the start of the day a lot if you concentrate entirely on yourself. With an alkaline bath, a yoga session, a short meditation unit or reading a chapter or two of a book.

You Have Your Peace

The moment when everything and everyone is still asleep, the sun is just rising and you hear nothing but the chirping of the birds – and maybe the grinder of the coffee machine – then you should just pause for a moment and draw strength for the day from the rest . Maybe you can take advantage of the moment and start with the project you are working on, because it might be easier to concentrate without making a lot of noise. In addition, with the time gained, you can have a rich breakfast and don’t have to gobble down coffee and rolls on the way to the subway.

You Are More Productive

A not so bad side effect of getting up early is that you are more productive. On the one hand, this could be due to the fact that you have already done a lot in the morning (such as sports, a bit of household chores or preparing for important meetings) and then you are already more motivated to start the working day. It’s not for nothing that some of the most successful people in the world are known for being early risers

The Risk Of Depression May Decrease

Researchers have found that people who wake up earlier are less likely to develop depression, according to a study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. The risk is said to have fallen by 25 percent for early risers (from 6 a.m.). How is that possible? Apparently we give our body a healthy balance to the sometimes stressful everyday life if we wake up earlier and prepare properly for the day.