Beautiful Airports Around The World

Published on 03/17/2020

Yes, we all love to travel! But, spending time in the airport is not always the most pleasant experience. Every time we fly, we spend at least a few hours (sometimes more) at the airport. So, having a more comfortable and enjoyable airport with an array of facilities is always an added advantage of traveling. For many people visiting a country or even stopping over for their connecting flights, an airport can have a huge influence on how people perceive a particular country and their culture.  Take a look at some of the most beautiful airports.

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Beautiful Airports Around The World

Marrakesh Menara Airport

What a stunner this airport is! Located in Marrakesh, Morocco it highlights a number of magnificent architectural features. Although it is quite small and simple, travelers are greeted by a modern airport that has devoted a lot of geometric designs to the strong cultural history of Morocco. Its beauty includes a high glass-domed ceiling. This should definitely be added to your list of travel destinations!

Incheon International Airport

Located in Seoul, South Korea. This airport was opened in 2001 and is considered to be one of the busiest airports in South Korea and one of the biggest in the world. Incheon Airport offers a wide range of cultural activities that include a golf course, spa, private dorms, a casino, and indoor gardens. How magnificent does this sound?

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is known to be one of the most boldest airports to exist. Located in Denver, Colorado the fascinating architecture resembles the snow-capped Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the airport’s roof is made of fabric that mimick tents. An exciting sight to see no matter the time of day!

Singapore Changi Airport

Situated in Singapore, this exquisite airport boasts an array of facilities and is considered to be the world’s best airport. With over 300 retail shops, movie theatres, free PlayStations with a variety of games, children’s playgrounds, spas, free internet stations, and multiple gardens. Be careful not to miss your flight with all these amazing activities that will for sure keep you busy for hours!

Madrid Barajas International Airport

With some of the brightest architectural designs, Madrid Barajas International Airport is located in Madrid, Spain. The intention behind the impressive ceiling design was to convey tranquillity, calmness, and lightness to travelers passing through. These visual effects certainly create a stress-free and relaxing feeling for all passengers.