The Best Islands You Have To Visit In This Lifetime

Published on 02/19/2020

For those who are beach lovers, sunbathers and a holiday is simply not a holiday without a beach then these destinations are for you. Rather commercial and popular, these islands qualify as a must-see on anybody’s bucket list as they boast luxury, beauty and an overall experience that will leave you never wanting to leave.  You’ve probably heard of them but in order of must-visit here are the best islands in the world…

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The Best Islands’s You Have To Visit In This Lifetime


Santorini serves as the island of love, it is the most popular destination for honeymooners and we can sure see why. This island of love is filled with magnificent beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and for those history boffins- the ruins of Thira and Akrotiri. The volcanic island boasts the beauty of black and red sand beaches as well as an array of hikes and adventures. You know, new love as hot as lava? The whitewashed villages and cliff-side views will have ou in the honeymoon phase forever.


This surfers paradise has way more to offer than some killer waves, with its tropical features and fabulous cocktails, Tahiti will have you hooked by the white sands of La Plage de Maui and the cascades at Fautaua Waterfall. You can easily catch a quick boat to the sibling island of Moorea if you are seeking a little more adventure. The French Polynesian capital is filled with markets, locals, and culture.


This honey-toned island has something for everyone with its forests, ancient ruins and beaches there is tons to do and see. With its Greek and Turkish descendants it is filled with culture, history, and uniqueness. The cultures have embraced Mediterranean culture but Cyprus has a variety of cuisine from both cultures as well as an infusion- a must-see and taste. An all-round sensual experience that is for sure. Let’s not forget the birthplace of Aphrodite.


This island trip is probably the most expensive in the list and is bound to break your bank account. However, the Indian Ocean location is breathtaking. The Maldives boasts an array of diving experiences with its diving conditions boasting sea-water animals, sharks, and fish that will leave you speechless. This is definitely a secluded experience in which one can visit Male’s Grand Friday Mosque and fish market.