The 20 Weirdest Places To Visit On Earth

Published on February 16, 2020

We’ve all heard of the popular destinations like NYC, London, Paris, Hong Kong, but how about the unusual places not many people talk about? If you’re an adventure-seeker and looking for a secret gem location, we’ve got you covered. These off-the-beaten-path locations are worth visiting, both for their uniqueness and their pure beauty.

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The 20 Weirdest Places To Visit On Earth

Below is the long-awaited list of the 20 weirdest places on earth to visit. Each destination is accompanied by a short sentence to describe it.

1. Spotted Lake– British Columbia, Canada: Sacred lake on native land

2. The Giant’s Causeway– Northern Ireland: Volcanic eruption created by a giant

3. Thor’s Well– Oregon, USA: When the surf and a sinkhole meet

4. Pamukkale– Turkey: Thermal pools at the Cotton Palace

5. Lake Hillier– Western Australia: A pink lake

6. Badab-e-Surt– Iran: Bright red travertine terraces

7. The Tianzi Mountains– China: Limestone pinnacles covered in mist

8. The Nasca Lines– Peru: Animal figures only visible from the sky

9. The Bermuda Triangle– North Atlantic Ocean: Mysterious waters between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico

10. Socotra Island– Yemen: Unique wildlife that exists only on this remote African island

11. The Hand in the Desert– Chile: Sculpture in the middle of Chile’s Atacama desert

12. Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island– The Philippines: Over 1,700 brown hills in the middle of the island

13. Red Beach– Panjin, China: A beach covered in red seaweed

14. Plain of Jars– Laos: Old jars used to make rice

15. Goblin Valley State Park– Utah, USA: Uninhabitated valley eroded by wind and water

16. Whale Bone Alley– Siberia: Whalebones stand horizontal in the remote Yttygran Island

17. Glass Beach– California, USA: Sea glass created by pollution and waves

18. The Catacombs– Paris, France: Skulls and bones of 6 million Parisians in quarry tunnels

19. Fly Geyser– Nevada, USA: A scalding fountain in bright reds and greens

20. Cat Island– Japan: An island where cats outnumber people