4 Essential Activities To Do Whilst In Lock-Down

Published on 03/25/2020

Taking this scary time to spend with those you love, working on relationships and simply keeping busy is for sure a challenge. One we accept and have found activities that you just have to do, they will not only keep you sane but keep you smiling too. There is something for everyone and you will surely not be frustrated but rather perfecting skills you never even knew you had.

Roasting Marshmallows

4 Essential Activities To Do Whilst In Lock-Down


This new app is taking the world and millennial generation by storm. However, it is complete F U N, you can truly go solo or get the whole family involved and you will be laughing in no time. Perfect those moves or even complete some of the talking pieces and who knows maybe you will be the next viral TikTok-er.

Board Games

Monopoly, Cluedo, Katan, Dominoes, Uno whatever your game of choice now is the time to whip out those skills. If you aren’t such a fan you may very well just become one. Once you get involved you will become a pro and the competition with the family will be truly fun.


Of course, you knew this sone but there are some new must-see shows we highly recommend. The Stranger, Sex Education, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Working Moms and Cheer are amongst some of our favorites. These will keep you entertained for sure and you can simply relax with a good old bowl of popcorn and kickback.

Home Workouts

This is a tough one. Many of us struggle to be active with a gym membership nonetheless in our own homes. Well, it’s now or never people, this is prime time to get active. There are videos all over Instagram that will help you break a home sweat as well as a 90-day free trial on the app: ‘OnePelaton.’