Three Fitness Myths Busted

Published on 01/26/2020
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Three Fitness Myths Busted

Have you found yourself confused and conflicted about stance and method when it comes to gym form? Succumb to following so many fitness influencers you’re not sure whose advice to follow? Killing yourself in the gym but seeing no results? Well, we’re about to bust three fitness myths and change your gym game for the better. Fitness is important to many and has become a trending and innovative topic worldwide- with so many choices on classes, training methods and advancements who really knows what actually works and what doesn’t. Let’s start with the basics.

Myth 1: The more you break a sweat the more calories burnt.

False. The amount of sweat is simply your body’s regulatory response to overheating. The biological method allows for your skin to cool and regulate internal temperature. Sweating can differ according to the temperature in your training environment or any simple aerodynamics. Apologies to the sweat lovers out there, but your calorie count is simply based on effort and movement. Aim for extra effort and optimize your movement rather than simply aiming to be drenched.

Myth 2: Stretching is the key to quick muscle recovery.

False. Stretching is great to loosen up tight muscles, increase flexibility (especially post-workout), increased blood flow to the muscles and can assist in range of movement. However, studies have shown that it does not affect blood lactate levels which simply means it does not help your muscles recover any faster, or respond to fatigue any differently.

Myth 3: Running outdoors is much better for your knees than running on the treadmill.

Running has been proven to be running- myth 3 is thus, incorrect. Although women are four times more prone to knee injuries than men this is not due to running. Experts advise that all running is strenuous on the joints and thus varying your cardio type is the best way to maintain your sprint for the future. Introducing other types of cardio such as the elliptical or bicycle can reduce impact on the knees. In the long run, this can, in fact, enhance your running abilities too.

3 myths busted, we hope they have you bolting for the gym. Remember to keep your form strong and your workouts varied fitness freaks.