The 2019 List Of The World’s Best Airlines

Published on 08/01/2019

In 2017, a record-breaking 4 billion passengers traveled on airplanes. Whether you travel for business or vacation, the chances you were on an airplane in the past few years are pretty high. Annually, releases ‘Airline Excellence Awards’. Although it’s only a week into 2019, the list for this year has already been released! Thanks to the aviation safety and product-rating website based in Perth, Australia, we introduce to you the 2019 contenders.

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The 2019 List Of The World’s Best Airlines

The Method

Curious as to how determines the list each year? Don’t fret, the website has a precise, in-depth method to ensure the awards are legitimate. Seven editors collaborate and consider numerous factors such as: investment rating, operational safety, fleet age, passenger reviews, profitability, product offerings (such as premium economy on long flights) and seating options in other classes.

Top 10 Airlines For 2019

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Qantas
  4. Qatar Airways
  5. Virgin Australia
  6. Emirates
  7. All Nippon Airways
  8. EVA Air
  9. Cathay Pacific
  10. Japan Airlines

Curious as to why Singapore Airlines snagged the #1 spot? Well, the brand is currently revitalizing their entire fleet, and launching longer routes such as Singapore to Newark and Los Angeles. Geoffrey Thomas, the editor-in-chief of the website said, “One of the standouts in the industry for decades, [Singapore Airlines] has returned to its best with a new product, new aircraft and new innovative flights such as the Singapore-New York non-stop. Quite simply, the airline is the gold standard.”

Interestingly enough, European and American airlines did not make the top 10 cut. The Asian region seems to be expanding in the aviation department at a very fast pace, and it’s proven difficult to keep up.

While most people tend to stick with the carriers they know best, if you’re traveling a longer distance and have the money to spend, we recommend trying one of these airlines. You’ll be traveling in style high in the sky, sipping on some champagne with the world in your hand.