3 Essential Travel Accessories Every Frequent Flyer Needs

Published on January 2, 2019

When traveling, it is imperative to be prepared with the most useful and essential accessories. Imagine being without headphones or ear plugs on a 12 hour flight? Yeah, neither can we. To ensure you are ready to jet-set to your next destination, we have prepared a list of the three must-have accessories you take with you…3,2,1 take-off!

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3 Essential Travel Accessories Every Frequent Flyer Needs

Digital Luggage Scale

Having overweight bags is never enjoyable…talk about expensive fees! We can guarantee you’ll never pay extra fees again with this handy gadget. Many companies are introducing compact and super lightweight luggage scales to the market. You can be sure every frequent flyer owns one of these cool toys. Just hook your bag onto the scale and wallah…the weight appears on the scale! This way you can ditch any items that seem to be weighing your bag down in the comfort of your own home…not the sterile airport floor. Fellow passengers will be jealous when they see you and your family enter the airport with wide grins, knowing you’ll be avoiding those extra fees.

Sleep Mask

A flight without a sleep mask is not a flight we want to be on. Just think about it: imagine the person sitting next to you wants to keep the window shade open, but you just want to get some sleep…for the sensitive nappers…this would prove to be nearly impossible! A sleep mask solves all problems…who wouldn’t want to catch some shut eye the entire duration of the flight? We are on board…get it?! Plus, they come in cool patterns and materials…talk about comfort and a fashion statement!

Power Charger

No one wants to be left with a dead phone or Ipad, or any device for that matter, on a trip. Keep charged 24/7 with a power charger. When one of your devices goes dead, you’ll have no worry in the world because you have a portable (key word) way to charge! Say goodbye to searching for outlets, and hello to convenience and simplicity. The one thing you have to make sure of in order for this tool to work…is to make sure it’s fully charged beforehand! You won’t go anywhere without this handy save…my friends even bring it out to the club! Who knows when the next selfie will strike…who’s with us?

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