The Best Destinations In Europe To Celebrate Easter

Published on 03/25/2021

Although there are so many people around the world that would agree that special and religious holidays are best spent at home with family and friends. However, there are also others who are not so traditionally minded and prefer to celebrate holidays like Easter in a unique city full of rich history, culture, and beautiful landscapes.  Easter is the perfect opportunity to travel and explore diverse religions and practices from different parts of the world. Keep reading to see the top destinations in Europe to have the best festive Easter.

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The Best Destinations In Europe To Celebrate Easter

Jerusalem, Israel

The city of Jerusalem is packed with rich history and an array of different cultures and religions. One of the biggest holidays to be commemorated in Jerusalem is Easter. Whether you’re very religious or just traditional, this is a prime location to be in during the Easter holidays. This sacred place of Jerusalem is a pilgrimage destination with many Holy Week events to attend. People gather on the Mount of Olives, visit the Dome of the Rock, and even walk the route that Jesus took. As thousands of people come from all over the world during this time, just know places can get quite busy and crowded.

Rome, Italy

For many religious Christians, especially Catholics, Rome is the center of the world when it comes to Easter Celebrations. Both locals and tourists from all over the world gather in Rome to celebrate Easter as it truly is one of the most wonderful places to celebrate the holiday. From religious pilgrimages to the beautiful spring blossoms, there is also so much to do for people both young and old. Whether you’re wanting to attend mass at a larger church such as St. Peter’s Basilica or a more charming smaller church, there are truly are some of the most beautiful churches the world has ever seen. The day after Easter, many families in Rome spend their day outdoors in the parks having picnics and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Seville, Spain

Next on our list is a place in Spain called, Seville. Not many people know this but Seville is actually of the most amazing places in the world to celebrate Easter. Celebrations in this beautiful city feature a parade down the streets of the town during Holy Week, known as Semana Santa de Sevilla. This is an exciting event to watch as you get to see floats and flowers. There is also a lot of dancing in the streets, and of course, you can also sample delicious sweets.

Bucovina, Romania

For people who want to plan a trip to Europe during Easter, Romania may not be the first place that comes to mind but in actual fact, the city of Bucovina is full of vibrant and lively traditions. The Bucovina region comes highly recommended in particular, and there are tons of different activities to do and events to attend. You can also see the beautiful monasteries in this area of Romania and the traditional styles of dress. On the Thursday before Easter, families dye eggs, bake traditional bread, and go to church.