5 Tips To Overcome Fear And Anxiety

Published on 02/10/2022

Do you ever have a fear of not being enough? Before the project, do you worry that something might go wrong? Are you secretly tinkering with your dreams, but don’t dare to implement them? For fear that it might not work, for shame, for fear of not being good enough? Then I’ll tell you something: you’re not alone. On the contrary – we all have fears and doubts. But shirking those feelings doesn’t make you happy.

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5 Tips To Overcome Fear And Anxiety

Review fears

Let’s start at the beginning: If we constantly took all our fears at face value, we would be busy 24 hours a day. That’s why it’s important that you take a closer look at those fears that have been standing in your way for ages. Which of these are really justified? Note these. Start with your greatest fear. Look at each one individually and rate them for validity.

Draw On Positive Experiences

Are you about to make your dream come true? Then it won’t help you much if you indulge in your destructive thoughts. It’s also not advisable to dig into the past to say “but it didn’t work out then”. Put your focus on the things that were good and worked in a situation. This is how you encourage yourself and strengthen your back. So concerns can be pushed aside and hope can take its place.

Solutions And Strengths To Overcome Fears

Are you the kind of person who sees a problem in every solution? If yes: It doesn’t matter, you can change this. By no longer looking for the hair in the soup, but instead enjoying how good the soup tastes. If you do find a hair, remove it and look for solutions. In every problem, there is also a solution, you just have to be willing to find it. Your strengths will help you with this. Because if you tackle your dreams, you will discover sides of yourself that you have not known before.

Keeping Visions Alive

Whatever you focus on, these things will keep you busy and drain your energy. Therefore, if you devote yourself to your fears, you will not overcome your fears. However, if you dedicate yourself to your visions as often as possible, the fears become secondary. Then you will see more and more of your goals. Even if the fear is great, your visions can be stronger. Take time every day to give space to your dreams.

Confront Yourself To Overcome Fears

If If you are afraid of a certain situation, it helps if you expose yourself to it. Let’s assume that you would like to give lectures. But you fear that you are not up to the situation. Her fear says, “You’ll stutter, lose track, and turn red as a tomato.” Do you know what helps against such fears? To do! Do what you are afraid of. In most cases, it doesn’t get half as bad as you think.